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  • A Call to La Raza for a Personal Pledge to Non Violence 

    Santiestevan, Henry (1968-12-31)
    Soon after the founding of NCLR in 1968—in the midst of urban riots following the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, at a time when some elements of both the African American and Latino civil ...
  • Rural Water and Waste Disposal Program Reforms 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1980-01)
    The Farmers Home Administration's Water and Waste Disposal Program, more commonly known as the "water and sewer" program, Is the primary source of financing for constructing and upgrading the water and sewer systems of ...
  • Self-Assessment on Hispanic Corporate Recruitment 

    NCLR; McKay, Emily Gantz (NCLR, 1980-01)
    The self-assessment is designed to help you review your organization's current role in Hispanic corporate recruitment, and to identify ways in which you might want to change or increase your efforts.
  • The Effect of School and Peer Group Size on Chicanos Risk of Dropping Out of High School 

    NCLR; Hispanic Youth Employment Research Center; Oxley, Diana; Barrera, Manuel PhD. (NCLR, 1980-06)
    Findings indicate that the failure to complete high school is related to several aspects of labor force involvement, including unemployment as well as earning power and type of occupations for all racial/ethnic groups. The ...
  • NCLR Issue Analysis on Sunset Legislation 

    NCLR; Schroyer, Janet L. (NCLR, 1981-01)
    "Sunset" is a concept which was originally instituted in several states as a means of increasing legislative control over state programs.
  • NCLR Issue Analysis of Spending Limitations 

    NCLR; Dominguez-Greene, Patricia (NCLR, 1981-02)
    The problem of controlling spending arises when politicians have to consider the pressures placed on their chances for re-election when they are forced to prioritize which programs will expand or receive cuts or even be ended.
  • Perspectives on Undocumented Workers 

    NCLR; Garza, Francisco (NCLR, 1981-03-23)
    This backgrounder summarizes views on immigration of national Black and Brown Leaders. Their perspectives were obtained, then up-dated, over a period of nearly two years. The National Council of La Raza—like many other ...
  • Current Implications of Block Grants 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1981-08-13)
    This paper was written to inform concerned individuals of the implications of block grants. It includes a study of the history of past block grants, presents the advantages and disadvantages, provides information for the ...
  • Urban Enterprise Zones 

    NCLR; McKay, Emily (NCLR, 1981-08-17)
    Urban Enterprise Zones have been proposed by Congress members and by key Reagan administration officials as a means of revitalizing deteriorating, socio-economically distressed urban neighborhoods. The enterprise zone ...
  • The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1981-08-17)
    In 1964 the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) was passed by Congress. Enacted under the Johnson Administration, EOA was seen as one of the most controversial pieces of legislation of its time. It created the "War on Poverty" ...
  • Short Answers to Common Questions about Bilingual Education 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1981-11-30)
    Few educational programs have been as persistently clouded by misperceptions, biased media coverage and lack of public understanding as has bilingual education. This educational approach, designed to improve both the English ...
  • High School Equivalency Program and College Assistance Migrant Program 

    National Coalition on Migrant Education (NCLR, 1982-01)
    Fact sheet providing background information about the High School Equivalency and College Assistance Migrant Programs.
  • Title I Migrant Education Program 

    National Coalition on Migrant Education (NCLR, 1982-01)
    Fact sheet providing background information about the Title I Migrant Education Program.
  • Joblessness Among Hispanic Youth: 1973–1981 

    Garcia, Philip; Hurtado, Aida (NCLR, 1982-01-18)
    Literature review and statement of problem submitted to the Hispanic Youth Employment Research Center The analysis presented within this paper represents an alternative response to a traditional literature review. It ...
  • A Subminimum Wage for Youth 

    Rivera, Roger; Flemming, Lizanne (NCLR, 1982-04)
    This paper assesses the arguments and evidence presented by both sides, summarizes the past and present history of the minimum wage, and examines implications for Hispanics in the pending legislation.
  • The Structure of Labor Markets and Sectors of Production: An Analysis of Underemployment Among Hispanic Youth 

    Vaughan, Suzanne; Wright-Romero, Linda (NCLR, 1982-04-30)
    The purpose of this study is to explore the distribution and utilization of labor power of Hispanic youths through an examination of their conditions of employment and their relationship to major structural features of the ...
  • Employment and Training Legislation 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1982-09)
    Fact sheet covering the current legislative authority for employment and training programs under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) expiring in September, 1982.
  • Update on the New Federalism 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1983-04-24)
    Janet Schroyer-Portillo analyses the new federalism proposals which include mega-block grants to states and localities. These mega-block grants include a State Block Grant to include many of the human services programs ...
  • The Job Training Partnership Act: Implementation Effects on Hispanics 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1983-11-01)
    NCLR's comments submitted for inclusion into the record of hearings on the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) implementation before the House Subcommittee on Employment Opportunities.