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  • Moving Toward an Immigrant Integration Agenda 

    Clarissa Martinez De Castro (2001-11-28)
    This paper contains brief snapshots of the current situation, the campaign to \Fix '96,' and the pending discussion on legalization create some opportunities for federal, state, and local governments to explore policies ...
  • Combating Anti-Immigrant Opportunism Post September 11 

    NCLR (NCLR, 2002-01-07)
    This paper first examines anti-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. prior to September 11. Then it analyzes the history and central characters of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and other groups within the ...
  • Welfare Reform 2002: Helping Latino Families Move from Welfare to Work 

    Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Eric Rodriguez (2002-01-28)
    This year, the United States Congress will work to pass legislation reauthorizing the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant, the primary cash assistance program for poor families and children.  Although ...
  • Analysis of President’s FY 2003 Budget Plan 

    Deirdre Martinez (2002-03-04)
    This paper offers an analysis—department by department—of the proposed FY 2003 budget from a Hispanic perspective.  The sections highlight departments and specific program areas that are important to Latinos, provide an ...
  • Welfare Reform 2002: Defining the Battle Lines 

    Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Eric Rodriguez (2002-04-08)
    Recently, the Bush Administration released a plan to reauthorize the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant, the nation's primary cash assistance program for families.  Shortly after the President's ...
  • Welfare Reform 2002: Ensuring Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunity in TANF 

    Sean Thomas-Breitfeld (2002-09-06)
    This paper brings some much needed attention to ensuring fair treatment in TANF, highlights key civil rights measures, and calls on lawmakers to promote equal opportunity for Latino families
  • Welfare Reform 2002: Legislative Developments Affecting Puerto Rico 

    Limarie Nieves-Rosa and Sean Thomas-Breitfeld (2002-09-10)
    This white paper highlights recent developments in the TANF reauthorization process in Congress and analyzes their implications for Puerto Rico.  It provides information on the experience of Puerto Rico with the implementation ...
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Reauthorization 

    Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Sue Liu (2003-08-21)
    In May 2003 the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)—the largest source of federal funding for employment and training programs, including job training, adult ...
  • Transportation Equity Act Reauthorization 

    Eric Rodriguez and Patti Goerman (2004-05-29)
    Though not commonly viewed as a \Latino\ issue, federal transportation policies have enormous implications for Hispanic workers and for the neighborhoods where they reside.  Like other Americans, Latinos care about living ...
  • Analysis of President’s FY 2006 Budget Plan 

    José Quiñonez (2005-03-10)
    In early February 2005 President Bush proposed a $2.57 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2006.  The president's plan would fundamentally reorder national priorities.  NCLR prepared a comprehensive analysis of the ...
  • Reforming the Remittance Transfer Market 

    Beatriz Ibarra (2005-05-11)
    This paper provides background on remitting behavior among Latinos, examines issues affecting Latinos' access to remittance products, and provides recommendations for improving the remittance transfer market.
  • Head Start Reauthorization: Enhancing School Readiness for Hispanic Children 

    Miriam E. Calderon (2005-05-18)
    NCLR has prepared this white paper which discusses challenges for Latino, limited-English-proficient, and farmworker* children; examines key provisions of recent U.S. House and Senate legislative proposals that address ...
  • Critical Disparities in Latino Mental Health: Transforming Research into Action 

    Britt Rios-Ellis, Ph.D. (2005-11-17)
    This report, released by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Center for Latino Community Health, Evaluation, and Leadership Training, finds that Latinos are at a ...
  • Financial Counseling: A Meaningful Strategy for Building Wealth in the Latino Community 

    Beatriz Ibarra (2005-12-15)
    This white paper provides an overview of national efforts to increase financial literacy among the U.S. population and specifically examines financial education initiatives and legislation that target low-income families.  ...
  • In the Eye of the Storm: How the Government and Private Response to Hurricane Katrina Failed Latinos 

    Brenda Muñiz (2006-02-28)
    The purpose of this white paper is to explore the failure of public and private agencies to respond adequately to changing demographics and how this particularly affected their ability to serve Latinos in the post-Katrina ...
  • Undercutting the American Dream: Estate Tax Repeal Would Harm Latinos 

    Eric Rodriguez; Luisa Grillo-Chope (2006-04-20)
    The budgetary landscape notwithstanding, lawmakers continue to consider options to reform or repeal the estate tax. The outcome of this debate could have far-reaching implications for the nation's Latinos. As the fastest-growing ...
  • Domestic Workers Working Hard to Sustain American Families, Compromising Their Social Security 

    Luisa Grillo-Chope and Carlos Ramos; Carlos Ramos (2006-08-31)
    To respond to Latino worker concerns with social insurance, policymakers must consider how attachment to the workforce occurs and address the issues of less access, lower participation levels, and the resulting proportionately ...
  • Analysis of President’s FY 2007 Budget Plan 

    José Quiñonez (2006-09-20)
    In early February 2006 President Bush proposed a $2.7 trillion spending plan for fiscal year (FY) 2007.  NCLR prepared a comprehensive analysis of the Administration's budget plan as a foundation for further examination ...
  • After Stimulus: Sustainable Economic Security for Latinos 

    Singley, Catherine; NCLR (2008-03-04)
    While the economic stimulus demonstrated Congress's willingness to work in a bipartisan manner, the final bill did not guarantee economic stability for most Americans.  This white paper examins how Latinos in particular ...
  • A Renewed Head Start: New Opportunities for Latino Children 

    Beltrán, Erika; Goldwasser, Amy (2008-12-09)
    On December 12, 2007, President Bush signed into law the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007 (P.L. 110-134). This was the first reauthorization of Head Start in nearly ten years. Given the growing diversity ...