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  • Perspectives on Undocumented Workers 

    NCLR; Garza, Francisco (NCLR, 1981-03-23)
    This backgrounder summarizes views on immigration of national Black and Brown Leaders. Their perspectives were obtained, then up-dated, over a period of nearly two years. The National Council of La Raza—like many other ...
  • Current Implications of Block Grants 

    NCLR (NCLR, 1981-08-13)
    This paper was written to inform concerned individuals of the implications of block grants. It includes a study of the history of past block grants, presents the advantages and disadvantages, provides information for the ...
  • Joblessness Among Hispanic Youth: 1973–1981 

    Garcia, Philip; Hurtado, Aida (NCLR, 1982-01-18)
    Literature review and statement of problem submitted to the Hispanic Youth Employment Research Center The analysis presented within this paper represents an alternative response to a traditional literature review. It ...
  • A Subminimum Wage for Youth 

    Rivera, Roger; Flemming, Lizanne (NCLR, 1982-04)
    This paper assesses the arguments and evidence presented by both sides, summarizes the past and present history of the minimum wage, and examines implications for Hispanics in the pending legislation.
  • The Structure of Labor Markets and Sectors of Production: An Analysis of Underemployment Among Hispanic Youth 

    Vaughan, Suzanne; Wright-Romero, Linda (NCLR, 1982-04-30)
    The purpose of this study is to explore the distribution and utilization of labor power of Hispanic youths through an examination of their conditions of employment and their relationship to major structural features of the ...
  • Recruiting Hispanics: Learning from Experience Some Ideas for Employers 

    NCLR; McKay, Emily Gantz (NCLR, 1986-07-07)
    This paper summarizes some of the challenges of Hispanic recruitment, and identifies techniques which may help employers become successful recruiters of Hispanic professional, technical, and managerial employees.
  • The Education of Hispanics: Status and Implications 

    Orum, Lori S. (1986-08-08)
    The American education system is often portrayed as a pipeline, successfully transporting individuals from childhood to college or full participation in the world of work. However it is becoming increasingly clear that ...
  • Hispanics in the Workforce 

    Escutía, Marta M.; Prieto, Margarita M. (1987-02-23)
    This paper examines the available data on the status of Hispanics in the work force. Data on youthfulness, fertility rates, education, poverty, labor force participation rates, unemployment, earnings, and occupational ...
  • Hispanics in the Workforce Part III: Hispanic Youth 

    Escutia, Marta; Prieto, Margarita (NCLR, 1987-09-14)
    The severity of minority youth unemployment does not bode well for the future. Demographics will favor higher productivity and lower unemployment over the next 12 years as prime-age workers make up a larger share of the ...
  • The Hispanic Elderly: A Demographic Profile 

    Cubillos, Herminia L.; Prieto, Margarita M. (1987-10-05)
    Statistical data describing the Hispanic elderly are limited, and much of the available information has not been published. This report is an attempt to describe and discuss the socioeconomic status of the Hispanic elderly, ...
  • Hispanics in the Workforce, Part II: Hispanic Women 

    Escutia, Marta; Prieto, Margarita M. (1988-07-01)
    This report analyzes the available data on Hispanic women in the work force. Demographic information is reviewed as background to an evaluation of the labor market status of Hispanic women. Emphasis is placed on employment ...
  • Literacy in the Hispanic Community 

    Vargas, Arturo (1988-07-01)
    This paper reviews past and present efforts by the public and private sectors to reduce illiteracy in the United States and their effectiveness in reaching the Hispanic population.
  • Falling Through The Cracks: Hispanic Underrepresentation in the Job Training Partnership Act 

    Romero, Fred Ph.D.; Gonzales, Judith M.A. (1989-02-06)
    This report investigates the problem of Hispanic underrepresentation under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) by scrutinizing the statute's legislative and administrative framework for an explanation of this inequity ...
  • Getting Started: Becoming Part of the Aids Solution 

    Fimbres, Manuel F.; Gantz McKay, Emily (1989-05-26)
    This guide for Hispanic community-based organizations will aid them in becoming effective partners in the AIDS education and prevention effort, then they need practical information on how to become involved—how to work ...
  • The Hispanic Elderly: The Community's Response 

    Prieto, Margarita M.; Cubillos, Herminia L. (1989-07-03)
    Through case study analysis of eight Hispanic-run programs serving the Hispanic elderly in seven states, including focus group sessions with program administrators and elderly clients, the Council has attempted to learn ...
  • The Decade of the Hispanic: An Economic Retrospective 

    Miranda, Leticia; Teresa Quiroz, Julia (1990-03-05)
    Many observers predicted that the 1980s would be "The Decade of the Hispanic." In many ways, the name fit, from 1980 to 1989. The following report identifies seven trends which characterized Hispanics' economic situation ...
  • Hispanic Poverty: How Much Does Immigration Explain? 

    Quiroz, Julie (NCLR, 1990-04-20)
    This report synthesizes research related to both immigration and poverty and outlines some preliminary public policy conclusions. Drawing primarily on immigration research, this paper focuses on the labor market relationship ...
  • Twenty-Two Hispanic Leaders Discuss Poverty 

    Quiroz, Julia Teresa (1990-11-02)
    Poverty has been a factor in virtually every Hispanic issue, from education to community development, from housing to civil rights. However, there is little documentation of the ways Hispanics have worked to end poverty, ...
  • On the Sidelines: Hispanic Elderly and the Continuum of Care 

    Lopez, Cristina; Aguilera, Esther (1991-02-04)
    Two current demographic trends—the increase in the elderly population in this country and the rapid growth of the Hispanic elderly population—promise a profound impact on America's present and future. Both of these demographic ...
  • Aids Guide to Federal Agencies and Resources 

    Horkan, Kathleen M. (1991-06-07)